As lecturers and researchers in developmental and educational psychology at universities throughout Andalusia, the members of ESAFAM have participated in a wide range of research efforts on family as the context in which development takes place.

Our most recent projects in this area include the following:

A research and development project designed to evaluate psychoeducational interventions with families at psychosocial risk, consisting of an analysis of evidence-based practices (EDU2013- 41441-P) that evaluates different psychoeducational interventions being carried out with at-risk families in Spain and abroad. The aim of the project is to conduct a rigorous evaluation of three of the most common types of interventions in this area: parental education programmes, day centres for children, and family therapy programmes.

A team of ESAFAM members is currently carrying out a consultancy project with the Government of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria entitled ‘A Community-Centred Approach to Positive Parenting and Positive Development’ (Parentalidad Positiva y Desarrollo Positivo con Enfoque Comunitario, PRJ201602857), the first project of its kind in Spain. One of the aims of the project is to design initiatives that bring together communities’ entire arsenal of resources (including social, educational, health, cultural and sport-related resources) to promote positive parenting and development.